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How are you finding your work?

Please send me a message to let me know you are o.k and about how you are finding your work .

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  • 22-05-2020 - Mrs StevensonLovely to hear from you Serena. I am very proud of you too.Keep up all of your hard work. Love Mrs Stevenson
  • 22-05-2020 - Mrs StevensonLovely to hear from you Serena. I am very proud of you too.Keep up all of your hard work. Love Mrs Stevenson
  • 22-05-2020 - Mrs StevensonLovely to hear from you.I am very proud of you too. Keep working hard and I hope to see you very soon, love Mrs Stevenson
  • 22-05-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Rubi, it is lovely to hear from you.Well done for all of your hard work.I miss you too.Keep working hard and i hope to see you very soon.
  • 22-05-2020 - serenamy mum is so proud of me for doing brilliant work and concentrating. My maths is getting better and better. Hope you are ok and cannot wait to see everyone again.
  • 22-05-2020 - Rubi JonesHi mrs Stevenson I’m doing good at home with my work miss you xxxxxxxxxx❤️💕
Good morning!
Here is your work for today - 22.5.20
Lesson 1 week 2 compare lengths. Watch the video clip then complete the activity.

In reading I thought we could strt finding out some background information about an author we would be looking at had we been in school. The author is Roald Dahl.

Your sentence work is about using conjunctions to join two parts of a sentence. A sentence has a clause. Each clause contains a sentence and verb. When there are two separate clauses in one sentence they are joined by a conjunction. This sounds complicated but it really isn't. Look at the activity sheet and it will become clearer.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Stevenson
Here is a link for parents with advice of how to support your child with their mental health and well being during this time.https://youngminds.org.uk/find-help/for-parents/
Good morning 21.5.20
I hope you are all well today.Watch the video then complete the activity. Here is the link.It is lesson four.

For reading today I have uploaded a 60 second read. This is a short extract to read to develop your reading fluency. The aim is to read the extract quite a few times and each time you read it, it should get easier and your fluency will improve.  There are some quick questions to follow too.

Finally there is a spelling, punctuation and grammar activity mat for you to complete.

Remember to always write neatly and keep your work clearly presented.

I look forward to seeing some of it when you send me some photographs.

Have a lovely day,

Love Mrs Stevenson x
Good Morning! 20.5.20
I hope you are all well and are still trying hard to do some of your work each day. You are all doing so well and I am always proud of every effort you make to complete your work.

Today I have given you a reading booklet called 'Secret of the Seas'  which I think you will enjoy.

In sentence work, and with the importance of handwashing at the moment, your activity is to write some instructions/command sentences using bossy verbs about how to properly wash your hands.

Remember a command is a type of sentence and should start with a bossy verb. an example of this would be;
Turn the tap on. In this sentence the word 'turn' is the bossy verb as it gives the command.

Follow the video link here to watch a clip about washing your hands before you write your commands.

In maths it is a measure lesson today.Watch the video and then complete the activity.

As always contact me by email if you have any questions or queries.

Mrs Stevenson
Good morning!
Here is your work for today.
Click on the link to watch the video then complete the activity - count in fractions.https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Year-2.pdf
Maths for today 18.5.20

after watching the video link complete this activity.

Watch this video about finding three quarters and then complete the activity.
Monday 18th May, 2020.
Good morning everyone.I hope you all had a good weekend.
In today's activities I have included some work on functions of sentences. We have worked on this a lot in claas but here are a few reminders to support you.
There are four main sentence types that we learn about in Year 2. A question sentence, a command sentence, a statement and an exclamation sentence.

Statement - gives a fact
Question - asks a question and needs a question mark
Command - starts with a bossy verb
Exclamation sentence - must begin with what or how and have a !
I have included the answers for parents but no peeking at them!
There is a lovely reading RIC for you today about garden birds and a little hedgehog. I have two hedgehogs in my garden at the moment and they come out every night and make very strage noises during the daytime.

I hope you enjoy your work today and keep emailing me to stay in touch.

Love Mrs Stevenson
Work for today.15.5.20

Now the page will let me upload work, here are the activities for today.Sorry they are late! Remember you can draw and use jottings of tens and ones for calculating the addition questions if you need to. Have a lovely weekend and I will be in touch on Monday.

Work for today 12.5.20

Good morning everyone.Here is your work for today.A science investigation about materials, some sentence work, RIC and mathematics. I hope you enjoy it!

Wonderful Work!

A selection of work completed. Well done Lydia, Mia and Tristan!

Hello everyone.

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Here is today's work. In Science we are due to be learning about different materials so I have set a task to start off our learning in this area of science.I would like you to look around your house to find objects made from different materials.

In reading I have included some information about plastics to read and then questions to follow.Read the information twice and then answer the questions.Remember you can keep looking at the information to help you to answer the questions.

For maths I would like you to compare the 2 digit numbers using <less than and>greater than symbols and then to state the value of each digit in a 2 digit number.
Thursday 7th May
Good morning Amethyst Class. Mrs Stevenson has asked me to post this because she is not able to access the internet today. She will post some new work for you on Monday. In the meantime she has asked you to keep reading, to practise your times tables on Time Tables Rock Stars and to look through this webpage for any activities that you may have missed. She hopes that you enjoy your weekend!

Here are some links to some VE day resources that you might like to have a look at too. 

VE Day Resource Pack
VE Day Reading Comprehension

Covid-19 Capsule

This is a Covid-19 Time Capsule Diary that you might like to have a go at.

Work for today 6.5.20

Good morning everyone. Here is today's RIC, writing task and mathematics activities.

Dear Amethyst Class 
On behalf of Mrs Mickletwaite, Miss Atkinson and myself I just want to say thank you so much to all the children and families involved in making the video.It really made us smile. Thank you x
Work for today 5.5.20

Morning everyone. Here is today's RIC, writing task and mathematics activity.

Wonderful mathematics!

Well done to Lydia for working so hard on her mathematics this morning!

Super shape work!

Well done to Poppie for completing some of the shape work from Amethyst page . I like your neat presentation Poppie.

Rainforest acrostic poem example

Use this as a starting point for your writing. Try to add adjectives(describing words) to describe the nouns.

Work for today 4.5.20

A RIC activity based on the Rainforest. Look for the symbols. A Rainforest Acrostic Poem. Look at the example and write your own version. Counting in steps of 5 - always important to practise this!

Monday 4th May, 2020.

Good morning and I hope you are all well after the weekend.

From today onwards I will be posting a daily RIC(Reading Comprehension,) a writing  and a mathematics task daily for you to try to complete.Like I have said before, I have been really impressed with all of your hard work and effort in completing the daily activities that I have posted and I am proud of each and every one of you.

I know it is hard at the moment and really hope that we will be back in school soon, but in the meantime try your best to complete the daily tasks but please do not worry if you do not complete all of the tasks every day. Any reading is good reading so read for pleasure. Practise your year 2 common exception words so you become really accurate with them and improve your mental maths recall by practising number bonds and times tables facts.

Please continue to email me if you have any questions or message me on the message board. I will be looking for work that is neatly presented this week. I can't wait to see your photos.

Mrs Stevenson
Some more super work

Well done to Poppie for some super science work and to Indi for well-presented maths!

Karate Cats BBC Bitesize
Click on the above link to play some fun mental maths games.You can even challenge yourself with bronze, silver and gold levels to try!
More wonderful work!

Well done Tristan! I love your super maths work today and I like how you have put the Year 2 spellings into sentences.Well done.

Hello everyone!

Write me a message to let me know you are all o.k and if there is anything I can do to help you with your daily work.

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  • 11-05-2020 - Malak Hi guys I’m doing well at home work
  • 06-05-2020 - Justicehi guys
  • 01-05-2020 - Tristan Hi Mrs Stevenson I’m still doing well and giving everything a go My writing has I proved lots. Still not my favourite thing to do. Maths is what I’m best at. Keep smiling Lots of love Tristan
  • 01-05-2020 - Tristan Hi Mrs Stevenson I’m still doing well and giving everything a go My writing has I proved lots. Still not my favourite thing to do. Maths is what I’m best at. Keep smiling Lots of love Tristan
  • 29-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Ciara, it is so lovely to hear from you and I am glad you have been working hard. I miss you and all of the other children very much too. Try and have a look at the Karate Cats maths games on BBC Bitesize, I think you will enjoy them.
Good morning everyone!
Tuesday 28th April, 2020.

After a request for some activities about shape, today's work will include some 2.d and 3.d shape naming and recognition. I have included some shape name mats for both 2.d and 3.d shapes.Remember to name the shapes and talk about their properties. Here are questions that you could ask your child:

2.d shapes
What is this shape called?
How many sides does it have?
How many vertices(corners)?

3.d shape
What is the name of this shape?
Does the shape roll?
How many faces does it have?
How many edges?
How many vertices?

Reading Comprehension
I have included two different reading comprehension activities today. Try and challenge yourself with the Amazon Rainforest one!
Magic Multiplication

Well done Poppie for working on your multiplication skills at home.

Fantastic fluency and spelling

Well done Mia for practising your tricky common exception words and working on mathematical fluency.

More fantastic work!

Well done Maryam for reading so much and writing a super story.

Work for this week 25.4.20

Here are the first set of activities for this week.Pick and choose some reading, spelling and mathematics. Have a go at the snappy maths activities for fluency and see how fast you can complete them.

Good morning Amethyst Class!
Monday 27th April, 2020.

I hope you are all well and still managing to access the work I am putting on our page.I have had some messages that say certain children can't do the work I am setting for you. If this is the case it would be really helpful if parents could email me directly and explain what the exact problem is and then I can try to support individuals better and in any way I can.My email address is as follows:


Many thanks to those of you who have sent me some wonderful photographs of the work you are doing at home and to those who have contacted me via email already for guidance and support. Keep up the good work.
In today's documents section I will include some reading, maths fluency and other activities that will allow you to support you child to reinforce the learning we have already covered in school.

Best wishes and I hope you are all still well
Mrs Stevenson
Wonderful common exception word spelling

Well done Tristan for continuing to practise your spellings!


As promised here is the fluency activity as a word document.

Good Morning 
Just to let you all know that there may be some documents that you might not be able to access if you do not have publisher. The fluency documents are created in publisher. If this is the case I will aim to make some fluency documents in Word too so you can access them.

Fabulous Fractions!

Well done Lydia for working so hard on developing your understanding of fractions!

This is a link to BBC Bitesize subject lessons for Key Stage One age children. They look great!
Here is a reminder of The White Rose lessons that are available for Year 2.Take a look.
White Rose Home Learning
Fluent in Fifteen

If you can't print these off, ask your parents to write them down for you to complete.

Good morning Amethyst Class!
Thank you to Lydia and Indi for your messages.It was lovely to hear from you and to get your messages.I miss you all too! Keep messaging as it really cheers me up to hear from everyone.

I thought I would post  a few fluent in fifteen activities for you to complete through the week. Don't worry if it takes you longer than 15 minutes for each one!
Super Stories

Well done Tristan for writing a super story!

Work for this week 20.4.20

Here are some daily activities fro you to choose from. You can pick and choose what you would like to do but aim to do some daily reading, spelling and mathematics. I thought it might be nice for you to do some shape work in mathematics this week so try this 3.d shape hunt with your family. I have also included some punctuation work.Think carefully about when and where we need to use capital letters and how many commas we need in a list.

Hello Amethyst Class

Please send me a message to let me know if you are managing to access the website.

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  • 27-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHello Nayel Can you try to tell me what the problem is or ask your parents to send me an email to explain what problems you are having.
  • 26-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Jainaba.i hope you are well.
  • 26-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Poppie Ask your mum to send me an email with details of what you are struggling to print off and I will see what I can do to help.
  • 23-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonWell done Tristan. Keep working hard and I hope we will all be back together very soon.
  • 23-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Poppie, is it because you can't print the fluency activity ? If so I will be creating some using word so you will be able to. Hope that helps.
  • 23-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Gracelyn, what is it you are stuck with?
  • 23-04-2020 - Mrs StevensonHi Malak, great to hear from you. I'm glad you are enjoying the homework.I miss you too!
  • 22-04-2020 - malak Hi Mrs Stevenson I am doing great at homework. I miss you a lot xxxx
  • 22-04-2020 - GracelynMiss Stevenson I 'm stuck
  • 22-04-2020 - Aimee poppie Hi miss stevenson I can't get onto the fluancey fluent in fifteen . Also poppie says she cannot wait to get back to school to see you x
  • 21-04-2020 - Tristan Hi Mrs Stevenson I completed some work today , I am enjoying it. Thank you for putting work on same as we do at school. I miss you and my friends a lot Love Tristan xxxx
  • 21-04-2020 - Tristan Hi Mrs Stevenson I completed some work today , I am enjoying it. Thank you for putting work on same as we do at school. I miss you and my friends a lot Love Tristan xxxx
  • 20-04-2020 - LydiaHi Mrs Stevenson I can get on the website 😁 I am doing lots of work with my mummy I miss you xxxxxx
  • 20-04-2020 - Laura loweHi hope all are well just letting you no indi is loving the work your putting on
Friday 3rd April 
Good morning everyone and today is actually the last day before the Easter break.So for the next two weeks I will be checking the Amethyst web page and my email daily to answer any questions you may have, support any areas of learning you may need guidance with and obviously to stay in touch as often as possible. I have found some Easter activities for you to dip into during the break and there is no requirement for you to do them all. You may however like some of the mindful colouring or wish to make your own Easter basket.Have a look! I hope you still manage to have a lovely Easter break as a family.Keep in touch.
Best wishes
Mrs Stevenson x

Just like we do in our maths lessons in school.Try this fluency activity.


Try working through this fractions booklet. Remember to find one half we divide by 2, one third we divide by 3 and one quarter we divide the whole amount into four equal parts.

More wonderful work!

Well done Mia and Justice!


Try the second reading comprehension about the rainforest.

Safe Internet Use
Tuesday 31st March
Good afternoon.
A note for parents and carers,
Under current circumstances, your child is being asked to access their learning from home. As you can imagine this means that children will be using and will have access to devices more than ever. Please make sure your child has all the appropriate settings on their devices in order to keep them safe online. I have added a document with some links to sites that parents can use to explain safe internet use  and make sure children are protected online.  
Fantastic work !

Well done Lydia, Maryam and Tristan.

Monday 30th March
Good morning everyone and I hope you are all staying safe and well.
Today I am going to give you some times tables practise and some activities to support your spelling of common exception words. I don't expect you to complete all of these activities this week but you can pick and choose different ones to do over the next few weeks. 

Please use the message board to keep in touch.Send me a message and I will reply.
Rainforest Reading Comprehension RIC

Try to read and complete this RIC activity. There will be a second part to this activity to follow.

Friday 27th March
Good morning year 2 and I hope you are all well. I hope you are all managing to do a little school work each day. Here are a few reminders of what you should try to do for a short time each day.

You should aim to read for a short time each day. You can readanything you wish.Read your school reading book, your favourite book, some non-fiction texts or a comic. You can read to your parents, your younger siblings or to yourself.Any reading is worthwhile.You can also count the reading activities/comprehension that I have included on the web page as your daily reading.I will also be adding some RIC's for you to try at home too.

On the webpage is a link to the common exception words for year 2.Practise a few of these words daily.Look for patterns in the words to help you to learn them.

You should aim to spend a short amount of time daily on TTRockstars. Remember, not too much screen time.
Look out for fluency activities that I post too!

Finally, remember to have some fun! I know things are tricky at the moment but having some fun family time can be educational too.Play board games, I spy, card games are great for developing basic addition skills. Do a jigsaw, sketch, draw or paint. It's Friday today and the weekend tomorrow, have a break and I will post again on Monday.
I miss you all and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Thursday 26th March
Evening all and I hope you are all still well. Here is a link to the White Rose Home Learning Activity page for Year 2.

This will help your child to revise what we have already covered in our maths lessons.
Alfie B's Mum BBC Supermovers

I think watching the videos will be great for Alfie. I don't think he needs to record anything because it will just help him to revise what we have already covered in class.

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  • 24-04-2020 - Nayel Hello i can't do the activities please can i get same help.
Some great ideas for maths games to develop arithmetic fluency here!
Reading Comprehension

We were about to start our History topic this week. The focus was The Great Fire of London. Here is a reading comprehension document for you to share with your child.

Amethyst Class

Welcome to Amethyst message board!

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  • 26-03-2020 - alfie brownHi. Its Alfie mum. Been looking into the bbc super Movers. What is the best way for Alfie to learn and understand from here. do I need to set something up for him. After watching one. Many Thanks. x
  • 25-03-2020 - Justiceim doing work👌😉👍
  • 25-03-2020 - JusticeHi guys
Here is a link of the spelling requirements for the end of Key Stage One. You can spend a short amount of time each day practising words with similar spelling patterns, such as old, gold, told and hold.
Good morning everyone!
I hope you are all still well.
I have seen that Audible books are offering free access for children during this period.Well worth a listen!
The children should all have access to Rock Star Times Tables.
I have updated the schedule of tables for them to access for the coming weeks.
Lego challenge
Welcome to Amethyst's page.
This page will be updated daily to support you and your child in the event of a school closure. There will be a variety of website links, activities, challenges provided to help you to support your child with continued learning. We have included our email contacts should you wish to ask us any questions about your child's work. If you want to send us photographs of your child's work or any completed activities, all that we ask, for safeguarding reasons, is that the photographs don't show any of the children's faces.

Reading- some useful tips!

You should try to aim to read with your child daily. This could be using any reading material at all such as books, comics, ebooks or school reading books. Whilst your child is reading, explore any new words(vocabulary) as they came across it and look up words together in a dictionary to explore new word meanings.

Discuss characters
It is important that your child understands who the main characters are in a text. Before, during and after reading discuss the characters by asking such questions as;

Before reading
Who do you think the character is on the front cover of your book?
Does the blurb tell you anything about the character?

During reading
Can you predict what you think the character of....... might do next?
How does the character of...... change as the story continues?

After reading
What kind of character do you feel ......... is?

You may want to read some of the texts that are part of our repeated text library. Click on the links to hear the books being read aloud on Youtube.

 Into The Forest By Anthony Browne
The Smeds and The Smoos By Julia Donaldson
The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig By Eugene Trivas
The Grotlyn By Benji Davies
The Day The Crayons Quit By Oliver Jeffers

World Book Reader have made their site free to use during school closures. Click the following link to access lots of texts online.world book reader free access link
Parents can sign up to the Oxford Owl website which will give you access to lots of ebooks. https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Reading booklet

This is a good reading booklet to try with your child at home.read the sections then try to answer the questions.

More reading to develop inference

These questions will help your child to read for deeper meaning. Have a try!

There are so many simple maths activities that you can do and share with your child at home. We will be sending a number work record home with your child and you can record any work you do daily in this. we will also send home square exercise books for them to work out any calculations and keep their work in.The number work booklet will give you lots of ideas that you can do at home with your child.here are some very simple suggestions for daily practise:

Counting forwards and backwards from any number in steps of 2,3,5 and 10.
Recall of x tabes facts (2,3,5 and 10)
Regular practise on Times Tables Rock Stars
Counting money(mixed coins)
Making amounts of money including pound amounts and writing the amount as pounds and pence
Shape hunt around the house. Looking for examples of 2.d e.g triangle, circle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, semi-circle etc and discussing their properties(How many sides, corners etc. 3.d shapes e.g cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone and discussing their properties(how many faces, edges corners etc. In maths we call a corner a vertex or more than one corner vertices.
BBC Supermovers is a great way to practise maths skills but also keep active and have  fun! https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks1-maths-collection/z6v4scw

Mental Maths
It is really important that you continue to develop your child's mental recall in maths. Quick daily practise of number facts including +, -, x and division.We will give you some examples of daily mental recall activities that we do in class.

Try Daily 10 mental maths- choose level 2. Daily 10 Mental maths games There are also lots of other maths games that you can access on the Topmarks site.https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=16