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Microsoft Teams -  Year 1 Live Sessions with the Teacher

From Monday 11th January Year 1 children will be able to access live sessions with their teacher everday at 9:30am or 10:30am (you can choose which is the best time for you) and the again at 2:15pm. Miss Berry and I have sent you your login details today via Tapestry. If you cannot access Tapestry then please e mail me on jessica.crisp@hunsletstmarys.co.uk. Miss Berry will be in school tomorrow (Thursday) and I will be in school on Friday if you would like to call us too

Thank you
Ms Crisp 

The expectations from our Remote Learning Policy are:

During the live sessions children will be expected to:

  • ‘attend’ each session remotely and keep up with the work set. The only exception is if the student is unwell, in which case parents will be expected to report the illness and absence to the class teacher via email.
  • be appropriately dressed for ‘work’ (not uniform BUT not night wear etc)
  • have equipment ready in order to carry out the tasks set
  • behave appropriately and respond appropriately to the teacher
  • work on the tasks set on the website at other times


Parents will be expected, wherever possible, to:

  • provide an appropriate email address and upload necessary software
  • ensure that their child accesses the live interactive session
  • alert school as early as possible if there are any access issues e.g. linked to hardware, software or WiFi
  • provide an environment for their child that is conducive to being able to focus on the session
  • provide an appropriate level of supervision for their child:
  • Reception to Year 3: Adult supervision throughout the whole session to support their child’s engagement in the session.
  • Year 4: Adult supervision to ensure their child has logged on and is able to access the session, then monitor engagement throughout
  • Years 5 and 6: Adult supervision where needed, but not essential when their child is able to be more independent.
  • avoid being heard or seen throughout the session
** Year 1 Parents / Carers **

The Tapestry website keeps crashing today, staff are unable to access it too.
We will send messages via the school website if it is not up and running again soon. 
Kind Regards, 
Ms Crisp 
Year 1 Home Learning Timetable

Here is our Home Learning Timetable which will start next week (Monday 11th January).

The work will be uploaded next week on Tapestry and Teams. 
Please e mail me with any problems, 
Ms Crisp
Home Learning W/C 4th Jan

Hello Sapphire and Diamond! Find attached home learning for both Sapphire and Diamond Year 1 classes. Please read the word document first with learning and teaching information. Keep safe and keep in touch if you need support. Kind Regards, Miss Berry and Ms Crisp.

Home Leaning W/C 30th Nov

Please find home learning for children isolating from the week commencing 30th November. Stay safe and keep in touch if you need any support.