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Online Safety Policy

Our Online Safety Policy was introduced in January 2022. It is in it's draft format while it is waiting to be ratified by the school Governors.

Setting Up New Devices

Many children will have received new devices for Christmas. This guide gives useful information on how to set them up to ensure that children are safe using them.

Snapchat letter and Guide 15.12.21 (Year 5)
Tiktok and Discord letter 10.12.21 (Year 6)

Information for parents / carers about Tik Tok and Discord.

Parents / Carers should use the Parentinfo website to find out more information about keeping their children safe online. 

Other useful websites for Parents/Carers about Internet Safety - Your guide to the social networks your kids use - Safer internet videos - Think u know:5-7 year olds - Think u know: 8-10 year olds - Think u know: parents page - Child internet safety - Childline Support - Keeping your child safe online - The digital universe of your children - From CEOP and Parent Zone - Safer Internet Day 
Advice for Parents / Carers about Netflix Settings
Advice for Parents / Carers about Squid Game
Share Aware

This is a parent/carer guide from the NSPCC about helping to keep your child safe online.