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National Curriculum Assessments

The Government have cancelled the National Curriculum Assessments for 2020. For further information, please see the letter below.

Welcome to the Year Six class page. Work will be added on this page for you to do at home whilst the school is closed. Complete the work in the books that we have provided (in Year Six, this is the CGP Revision Books that you have been given).

Well done everyone for working hard last week, I'm very impressed with your attitude and engagement!! Keep it up!
I will continue to check the message board and approve messages as often as possible - I am in school this week looking after various children so I won't be near my laptop the whole time - please bear with me!

Maths Factor - free access
Fabulous Carol Vorderman, who is a TV presenter ("broadcaster"), has made access to her maths-learning website free for the time being. Carol read Mathematics at Cambridge University so she knows her stuff. Check it out folks! 

Sir Linkalot - spelling skills website now free
Check out 
https://www.sirlinkalot.org/ for free access to a spelling app! It will help you develop your spelling skills. You have to sign up to a mailing list so you'll need your own email address if you have one, if not ask an adult to use theirs.

BBC Teach
In addition to BBC Bitesize, have a look at BBC Teach too - videos and activity suggestions! 

P.E. at 9am every day:
As you all know, PE is my favourite lesson and I make sure I never miss it! In these strange and unusual times, Joe Wicks is doing a half-hour PE lesson every day on YouTube. The live-stream is at 9am everyday Monday-Friday and the videos of the stream are available afterwards. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
You are welcome to send any photographs of completed work to Mr Penberthy at:
Daily Work
  Maths English Other topic - use BBC Bitesize links for inspiration
Monday Step six of White Rose ratio work (link below) Read Goodnight Mister Tom to the bottom of page 23.
Writing activities in the pdf document below.
(Read below for science instructions)
Tuesday Step seven of White Rose ratio work Read Goodnight Mister Tom to the bottom of page 29. History / Geography - watch a BBC Bitesize video and create something that shows what you learnt.
Wednesday Step one of White Rose angles work Read Goodnight Mister Tom to the end of the chapter (page 34).
Answer the questions in the document below.
Thursday Step two of White Rose angles work Imagine that Tom has written a letter of reply to Willie's mother. How would he word his letter so that he can get his point across but also ensure that Willie's mum doesn't take Willie away? French
Friday Step three of White Rose angles work Complete your letter. What changes can you make to improve it? Art
Work activities

Any activities referenced in the table will be uploaded here. Use your exercise book to record your answers.

BBC BitesizeImage result for bbc bitesize
There are videos to support Year Six learning available on the BBC Bitesize website. Videos on this site are being continually updated and the BBC have announced their intention to support children's education throughout the school closures.


You will be directed to read spec
Image result for goodnight mr tomific pages from Goodnight Mr Tom each week and activities will be set based on what we have read. Watch this space!

If you want to listen to an audiobook, there are a few available on the World Book Day website until 29th March. https://www.worldbookday.com/world-of-stories/

Continue to read any books that you have and like. All reading is excellent and you should aim to do as much of this each day as possible: you learn so much about the wider world from your reading; you know that I cannot speak highly enough of it!
Writing activities will be set based on Goodnight Mr Tom and also from pictures appearing on the Pobble365.com website. Practice makes perfect so do keep your writing skills sharp by writing as much as possible!
MathematicsImage result for white rose maths logo
White Rose Maths, who provide the scheme we use in class, are providing work to continue your maths learning. This is the work we would have been doing in class were we still open. It is free-to-access online from home. Each lesson involves a video tutorial and some questions to practise the skills learnt. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

Continue revising in your CGP books the work we have done this year. The aspects that we we have learnt about this year so far are:
  • Place Value
  • Four Operations
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
  • Algebra
  • Measurment
  • Geometry: area and volume 
FrenchImage result for duolingo
Use the log-in details that you have been given to access lessons on the Duolingo website. Remember to meet our target of 1000 XP by 20th April!  Good luck! 

Use the link to BBC Bitesize above to find videos on either our current topic (electricity) or our previous topics this year (light, classification, the circulatory system). Watch them and think about how you could respond - you could plan an experiment to test something; you could write a report; you could come up with some questions you would ask about the learning - the choice is yours!

Download these files for ideas of activites to complete based on our geography, history and art learning this year! The Virtual Museum Tour document includes links to interactive tours of some of the world's most famous galleries where you can see beautiful and thought-provoking pieces of art. Find your favourite and think about how you can either recreate it or produce a piece of work in a similar style!

Year Six Message Board

We can use this message board to discuss work-related thoughts, questions and comments. Once you have submitted a comment, I have to approve it before it will appear.

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  • 01-04-2020 - Ksenija :)guys i found out how to look at your Xp in Duolingo, you need to go on your profile then scroll down, Im on 1042 xp.
  • 01-04-2020 - AneesaMr Penberthy,for maths you need a protractor,but I don’t have a protractor.How would I measure the angles?
  • 01-04-2020 - AneesaHello
  • 01-04-2020 - AneesaHello
  • 01-04-2020 - Kayden Me and Ruby are doing work together later on face time
  • 01-04-2020 - EurekaI was meant to go to school but my parents have to isolate 😣
  • 01-04-2020 - Alice c:I actually enjoy maths because it's fun and simple 😁
  • 01-04-2020 - Alice c:Hello
  • 01-04-2020 - Mr PThere's very few children coming into school at the moment Kayden - you're not missing out on very much at the moment!
  • 01-04-2020 - Kayden So has anyone in our class gone to school
  • 31-03-2020 - EurekaHi guys, just finished doing the whole timetable.Learnt about 6 different religions ,but I'm going to do a bit of extra French .🤩x
  • 31-03-2020 - Nerissa Hi hope you are all well I have done english, maths ,French and P.E.
  • 31-03-2020 - Neavehi! :)
  • 31-03-2020 - AneesaHi everyone, what are you doing?
  • 22-03-2020 - Mr PFirst names only guys...

Here you will find a list of revision sites that you will find useful to help you prepare for SATs.