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St. Mary's C of E Primary Academy are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and provision throughout our school community. We take pride in our diverse community and the cultural richness within it and we believe that equality should permeate all aspects of our school life. Our Equality Policy Statement outlines our commitment to equality and diversity and how this will be implemented. It sets out our intention to create an environment in which everyone in our school community can take part in the social and cultural life of the school. It also sets out our commitment to promote equality and diversity among our children, their families and our staff. 

In our school, equality is based on the principles of fairness, opportunities, treatment, and success for every child. Differences in educational outcomes should not be the result of differences in wealth, income, power or possessions. We work hard to ensure that we tackle any barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for different groups of children in our school. We celebrate and value the achievements and strengths of all members of our school community. 

Equality is the responsibility of every member of our school and the wider community. Every member of our school community should feel safe, secure, valued and of equal worth.

You can find our Equality Policy and Equality Objectives under 'Our School - Our Policies'.