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Our Vision

The Christian vision of St. Mary's C of E Primary Academy is extremely important to us. In December 2021, we redefined our school vision, as we wanted it to be our guide and be the driving force that we use to improve and transform our school. 

Our Vision Statement 

Develop the individual light in every student, so they can learn as much as possible and reach their unique potential. We want to ignite curiosity through our curriculum and create a culture of gratitude and good deeds. With hope and humility we want our students to take on the world and make it a better place. 

When developing the vision I was impressed by the verse of scripture in Matthew 5 verse 16 'Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.' We know that just one tiny candle can light up the darkest place and at St Mary's we want to let our light shine. 

How does Our school vision links directly to the Church of England's Vision for education based around Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity?

 As children Learn as much as possible and by igniting their curiosity they will gain wisdom. We want our children to display Gratitude and Good Deeds in the communities they are a part of now and communities they will be a part of in the future.  In an ever-changing world we want our children to have hope for the future and show humility (dignity) as they take on the world to make it a better place. 

Learn as Much as Possible 

Ignite Curiosity

Gratitude and Good Deeds 

Hope and Humility 

Take on the World  

We are proud members of the Collaborative Learning Trust, find out more about our joint vision here.