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School Improvement Plan


School Improvement Priorities Information for Parents / Carers

At St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy, we continue to strive to improve and develop in our vision to become an exceptional school. Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) sets out priorities that we want to achieve over the academic year. We would like to share these priorities with you and explain what we are doing to achieve these. There are some suggestions for how parents can help us to achieve our goals.

Key Priority 1: Strengthen to quality of education so that all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged, access an ambitious curriculum and are ready for their next stage of education

We will achieve this by:

· Providing a curriculum that is ambitious and prepares all pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, for the next stage of education.

· Ensuring children reach agreed targets in reading, writing, mathematics, phonics, and the multiplication tables check as appropriate by July 2024

· Helping children make measurable progress, and identifying and addressing any gaps in learning are through effective assessment, teaching, support and interventions

How you can help:

· Listen to your child read, talk to them about their reading, and make sure they complete any homework including online

· Attend meetings in school when invited.

Key Priority 2: Behaviour, attitudes and attendance of pupils is good because of high expectations, and a consistent approach to discipline.

We will achieve this by:

· Teaching every child how to behave in school

· Consistently applying our new behaviour policy

· Rewarding good behaviour, showing respect and good or improving attendance

· Not tolerating disruptive behaviour, poor attendance, bullying, harassment, prejudiced or discriminatory behaviour

How you can help:

· Encourage your child to follow school rules

· Ensure your child has an after-school routine and gets enough sleep on ‘school nights’

· Come along to Friday worship if your child is being rewarded

Key Priority 3: Promote personal development of all pupils through curriculum, experiences and opportunities.

We will achieve this by:

· Providing children with a range of opportunities to develop skills and talents.

· Providing children with a wide rich set of experiences beyond the classroom

· Helping the children to know about healthy relationships and how to keep themselves safe and healthy including on-line

· Pupils have respect for difference, diversity and the fundamental British values

How you can help:
· Encourage your child to attend extra-curricular activities

· Support any educational visits that your school organises

· Encourage healthy habits including healthy eating and regular tooth-brushing

· Supervise and monitor your child’s online activity.

Key Priority 4: Improved attendance for all pupils

We will achieve this by:

· Working closely with families where attendance is a concern

· Rewarding good attendance

How you can help:

· Ensure your child comes to school every day

· If your child is a little unwell, bring them to school so we can decide whether they are well enough to stay.

· Don’t book holidays in term-time.

Key Priority 5: Standards are rapidly raised through effective leadership at all levels

We will achieve this by:

· Helping leaders at all levels understand what they need to do to help raise standards.

· Introducing rigorous staff appraisal systems

Key Priority 6: All Reception children, including those who are disadvantaged, are ready for their next stage of education through effective Early Years provision.

We will achieve this by:

· Providing an ambitious and coherently planned and sequenced curriculum

· Focussing on developing vocabulary, early maths and phonics skills

· Supporting children to develop the physical, personal and social skills they need to succeed in Year 1 and beyond.

How you can help:

· Ensure your Reception child comes to school every day

· Support your child’s learning by speaking with the Reception staff about how you can help them  at home


John Davie