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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Priorities Information for Parents / Carers 

At St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy, we continue to strive to improve and develop in our vision to become an exceptional school.  Our School Improvement Plan (SIP) sets out priorities that we want to achieve over the academic year. We would like to share some of these priorities with you and explain what we are doing to achieve these, and how you can support the school to meet our goals. 

Priority 1 - Ensure that the Christian vision is central to the school future development and embraces the community. 

What will change this year?  

  • The school’s Christian centred vision and mission statement is established and visible throughout the school. 
  • Map spiritual refection moments into our curriculum. 
  • Whole school Collective Worship is embedded as part of school routines.  
  • The school establishes a student Spirituality Council who promote and lead on developing our Christian vision. 
  • Daily class prayers and reflection times happens at the end of the day in every class and this time is purposeful and consistent across the school. 
  • The school hall and front entrance are decorated to reflect the school’s Christian vision 
  • Every child in the school will have at least one opportunity to visit the church as part of their curriculum learning. 
  • Events in the Christian calendar are celebrated throughout the year at school and at church and where possible we would like parents and the community to join us.   

How can you help?  

Please attend many of our special events, worship with us and support the school and the community. 

Priority 2 - Improve the quality of teaching and learning across the school and raise attainment in all year groups 

What will change this year?  

  • Teachers will have a clear set of standards and a teaching and learning policy to improve teaching
  • We will help teachers to focus
  • Update the homework policy in school
  • Leaders will frequently spend time teaching in classes and working with teachers to ensure each student is getting the very best possible education.  
  • In KS1 we will develop more play-based learning approaches to support every child.  
  • We will closely track the knowledge and understanding of each child in each subject and let parents/carers know what their child needs to focus on. 
  • We will use additional adults in the afternoon to support individuals and small groups with focused intervention. 

How can you help?  

Ensure your child reads at home at least 3 times a week.  

Help your child to complete additional work at home as part of their learning.  

Ensure your child attends school every day.  

Priority 3 - Embed an initial structured curriculum that meets the national requirements that will be developed into an outstanding curriculum in 2022-23. 

What will change this year?  

  • The curriculum will be carefully mapped so teachers can spend more time focusing on how to teach lessons rather than what they should teach
  • We will assess where each child
  • We will develop subject specific displays around school that engage students and show their achievements.  
  • We will produce an educational visit schedule so that parents/carers can plan for costs and contributions. 
  • We will introduce after school clubs as part of the extended curriculum.  

How you can help? 

Plan to support your child by contributing to the cost of school trips.  

Discuss with your child the topics they are learning about school.  

Priority 4 - Ensure provision for children with SEND is effective.  

What will change this year?  

  • All children with SEND will have a learning plan that is regularly shared with parents/carers.   
  • Specialist intervention will begin to take place to support children who need it.  
  • If children with SEND need initial or further assessment, we will look to get the this done as quickly as possible.  
  • We will measure very carefully the progress of all our children with SEND and assess if the gap between them and their peers is decreasing.  

How you can help? 

Attend SEND meetings in school. 

Work with the team to support your child.  

Provide additional information about your child.  

Priority 4 - Develop delegated leadership and accountability across the school and put in systems to ensure the school is effective 

What will change this year? 

  • School priorities and what we want to achieve to be shared with parents/carers.  
  • Poor attendance will be followed up and good attendance will be celebrated.  
  • Student Leadership will be introduced. 
  • All staff will have challenging appraisal targets.  
  • All members of the school community will understand the school rules and Behaviour and Relationships Policy. 

How you can help? 

Ensure your child attends school and is punctual. 

Talk to us about your child if you have any questions or concerns.  

Priority 5 - Raise the profile of the school by improving the school learning environment to support the school vision and develop an outward facing approach engaging with the community and parents. 

What will change this year?  

  • Communal areas (front entrance, hall and admin corridor) of school are well presented and reflect the Christian vision.   
  • The school develops a library and play based learning opportunities in KS1.   
  • The school develop more play resources for children at break times 
  • The school uses social media to share our successes.  
  • A calendar of workshops and events for parents/carers will be planned. 
  • The school works with the wider community and other partners/carers.   
  • The school gradually begins to transform by developing curriculum displays that inspire students. 

How you can help? 

Attend school events.  

Offer to help and volunteer in school events. 


Kind Regards,  

Trevor Marsden