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Student Leadership

At St Mary's C of E Primary Academy we believe that our children should be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise their leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school.

Student Leaders

In January 2023 each class voted for one person from their class to be their Student Leader for the rest of this school year. The role of these children is to focus on supporting our improvement journey and to ensure our school vision is fully embedded into our daily life. Our Student Leaders have a very important role to play in the day-to-day organisation of our school.  They have the opportunity to model confident leadership, resilience, and responsibility, but they also encourage younger children to aspire and learn from peer examples.

We are proud to announce that our Student Leaders are ...

Pearl - 

Diamond - Kayden

Ruby - 

Emerald - 

Quartz - Marnie

Amethyst - Eliyo

Jade - 

Opal - Malak

Amber - 

Topaz - 


House Captains and Vice House Captains 

In July 2022 we introduced Houses to our school. Each House is named after a highly respected previous member of the St Mary's staff team who is sadly no longer with us - we wanted to honour their memory and remember them and all of the great work that they did for our school. In January 2023 we chose a House Captain, Vice House Captain and Staff Leader for each House. 

Each House will have a special day and the House Captain, Vice House Captain and Staff Leader will choose how they celebrate their special day. There will also be House Worship and Competitions throughout the year. All children can earn House Points for their House by following our school rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe. At the end of each half term, the House with the most House Points will have a treat. 

Saxton (Blue) - named after Mr Andrew Saxton 

House Captains - Beth and Ananya 

Vice House Captain - Dante

Staff Leaders - Mrs Spivey and Mrs Easterby

Special Day - 25th February 

Hogan (Red) - named after Ms Sue Hogan 

House Captain - Eliana

Vice House Captain - Kiara 

Staff Leaders - Mrs Winstanley

Special Day - 29th March 

Colley (Orange) - named after Mrs Cathrine Colley

House Captain - Mollie 

Vice House Captain - Samuel 

Staff Leader - Mrs Bayley

Special Day - 17th October 

Calverley (Green) - named after Mrs Liz Calverley 

House Captain - Gracelyn 

Vice House Captain - Amelia 

Staff Leaders - Mr Kerr 

Special Day - 26th February