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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at St Mary's


We have recently reviewed how we teach at St. Mary's, and have agreed that our teaching should have the following 5 Key Features:

  1. Key Components 

  • Identify the key components INCLUDING VOCABULARY of each subject that ALL children need to know to access the curriculum, teaching them in manageable steps. 

  1. SEND 

  • Ensure children with SEND can access the curriculum – focus on key vocabulary, over-learning, practice, provide scaffolding and support. 

  1. Memory 

  • Focus on ensuring all children remember more of what they need to learn by using formative assessment, recall and avoiding over-load of working memory. 

  1. Model 

  • Model what you want them to do, how to do it, and how it should be presented including, for example, using 'concrete' materials in maths. 

  1. High Expectations 

  • Have high expectations from the beginning – behaviour, progress and presentation, and maintain these at all times 


Full details of how we teach can be found in our new Teaching and Learning Policy (attached)